Loving the Beatles through Cirque du Soleil

MGM’s The Mirage in Las Vegas is home to the Cirque du Soleil show “The Beatles LOVE,” which showcases popular songs from The Beatles. Located on the Casino Floor, the LOVE Theater is the perfect venue for the acrobatics that bring The Beatles music to life. The show takes spectators on a pop culture journey of the ’60s.

The music makes an impact with a sound system that includes   three speakers in each audience member’s seat. The audience is entertained by performers on a multi-leval moving stage that includes 11 lifts, four traps, and 13 automated tracks and trolleys with widescreen video projection that enhances the performance.

The show is a colorful rendition of life in the ’60s with a tribute to the hippy generation, including a VW bus with acrobats performing astonishing flips over the vehicle, an underwater theme with neon jellyfish floating in the air for “Octopus Garden,” a Lucy in the Sky performer elegantly bounding through the air on a wire, the adorable kids of Liverpool actors, the impressive skaters taking on  “Help” with aerial feats on high ramps, and aerial yoga set to the tune of “Here Comes the Sun.”


What makes the show so entertaining is not only observing the performers, but the audience participation with large blow-up lighted balls that are swatted throughout the audience and a multicolored tarp that envelopes the audience with psychedelic imagery.

All-in-all, the twirling, break dancing, 3-D technology, and phenomenal music makes it a must-see in Las Vegas.